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Angela's Grooming/A Creative Collection

1. Subscriptions

1.1. How do I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription can be cancelled in the KumpeApps portal located at https://www.kumpeapps.com. More specific instructions will be added to this page as soon as we have time.

For more help please submit a support ticket or email helpdesk@kumpeapps.com. We can manually cancel the subscription for you as well.

1.2. How do I change my subscription portal password?

This is managed by the KumpeApps portal. Please see the article below. 

2. Online Orders

2.1. Where is my Order (June/July 2021)?

If this is an order placed from June 10, 2021 thru July 10, 2021 please note that the order is delayed due to a death in the family. If it is more than 3 weeks after your order placed during this time please email angela@angelasgrooming.us and sales@angelasgrooming.us to check on the status as your order may have been missed. Please note support can not help in this matter but if you get no response from Angela feel free to open a support ticket and we can ask if she received your email.